Live your life without restraints.

Improve your physical health, with pioneering behavioural medicine and stress reduction techniques. Scientifically proven to alleviate chronic illness.


What is Bold Health?

Bold health is an evidence-based approach built on decades of research into the mind-body connection. We provide a customized treatment plan to suit your needs and goals.

Clinically-proven treatment plan, built with a world class medical advisory team. We deliver relief through digital therapeutics - designed and supported by medical professionals, when and where you need it.

Regain control over your body with a dramatic reduction of physical symptoms. Less frequent and less severe flare ups.

Reduced vulnerability to depression and anxiety. Freedom from the worry of managing a life with illness.

Reduced stress, improved sleep, more energy. Enhanced quality of life so you can enjoy the things and activities you love.


A Different Approach To Your Condition

Overcome your illness with our 12-week program rooted in mind-body medicine


Understand the causes and triggers of your condition as well as the behavioral changes that will help you combat them.We provide clinician-approved information that is easy to digest.


Develop mindfulness and master the coping strategies for stress, the root cause for IBS. We equip you with best-in-class therapeutical tools that you can practice regularly from the comfort of your home.


You will have your personal coach with expertise in IBS to guide you through your care journey. In addition, you will have access to a digital IBS intelligent assistant to accompany you 24/7.


Become part of a patient team to keep you motivated and understood along the way. Get support from close friends or family champions that you can assign to learn how to support you on your care journey.